Building on our experiences in Bucharest and Chisinau, we initiated our first projects in Bacau in 1999.  Deeply moved by the needs of children in orphanages and the plight of the very poor, we determined to make a difference.  In Bacau's Placement Center nr.2 (C.P.2), we established a computer training center, built a playground, offered English classes, donated truckloads of food and clothing, organized excrusions, and held birthday parties for hundreds of children who had never had one.  Our intense involvement with the young people in C.P.2 inspired the establishment of a Tranistional Home for those who would soon have to move out on their own.

            Many people have heard stories of the sad plight of children in Romanian orphanages.  However, less are aware of the deplorable living conditions of thousands of poor children, particularly in some isolated rural communities.  Over the years, FAVOR has sought out and personally visited the homes of hundreds of the poorest families in Bacau county.  Seeing how these children live, often with many people in a one-room house, without water, all crowded into one or two beds and with very little to eat, we determined to direct as much material aid as possible to helping them.  To date, thousands of families have benefitted from FAVOR's frequent distributions of food, clothing, shoes, bedding, school supplies and more