Christmas 2011

This year, to make Christmas special for 100 of the needy rural families who we've been caring for, we organized two events, one at the Filipeni school and the other at the Scarisoara cultural hall. 50 families were invited to each event. We prepared banana boxes full of food for each family and gift bags with sweets and toys for each of the children. Before distributing the gifts, our little caroling team sang, and one of our volunteers (himself raised in orphanages), read the story of Christmas directly from the Gospel of Luke. We were amazed that of all those invited, no one knew the origin of the Christmas story, or where it was written down. Everyone was very attentive and appreciative.  

For the past 11 years, a local restaurant has been hosting a special Christmas meal for approximately 100 children from orphanages.  Our caroling team brought extra joy to these children by performing and distributing bags with gifts, fruit and sweets.