On Aug.10, 2012, Asociatia FAVOR officially opened the doors to the Rainbow Center ( Centrul Curcubeu ) in Marasti, com. Filipeni. This new after-school center provides quality education free of charge to children from extremely poor families.   see Rainbow Center Overview page In response to the alarming socio-economic conditions confronting many Romanian children in rural areas, FAVOR set up Centrul Curcubeu, a program designed to provide at-risk kids with the vision, encouragement and scholastic skills with which they can forge themselves better futures. We took an run-down, old school building and, thanks to the help and generosity of our sponsors, totally renovated and equipped it. Centrul Curcubeu now has two pleasant classrooms, complete with modern technology, and a full modern kitchen ready to provide the children with nourishing meals. It is a warm, friendly place where poor children can spend their afternoons in constructive activity.    click here for details img_6875 click here for Opening photos