Videos from Rainbow Center

Here are a few videos of recent activities at the Rainbow Center.

The new carousel at the Rainbow Center Playground - a short clip of Paul pushing the children.  Never fast enough for their liking!
Kids singing "Fugi Petru, Fugi" - Andrei leading the children in a fun song "Run Peter, Run!...Jesus is alive!"  while waiting for birthday cake to be served
May 1 2013 Picnic in Woods - A wonderful day of horse riding, songs, hiking and just enjoying being together in a beautiful place
Stefan,Sabina,Ionut and Andrei teaching - By working with small groups like this, our teaching staff and volunteers have helped many of the children make remarkable scholastic progress this year!
Bogdan and Cathy teaching- a typical Wednesday afternoon - Dnl. Bogdan is one of two qualified math teachers who volunteer time at the Rainbow Center.  Cathy's language teaching skills are a great help to all the children.
Circus Workshop at Rainbow Center_1 - A wonderful team of performers found the Rainbow Center and offered activities for our children.  Here they are creating quite a racket with dozens of musical instruments!