Support for education

Kindergarten children thrilled with new materials

With goods received in our aid transport, we were able to fill two small kindergartens in the villages of Brad and Valea Botului with all sorts of educational materials, art supplies, toys, puzzles and so on. This was by far the most enjoyable aid-giving experience we've had in some time.

The school in Brad lies at the end of a steep gravel path, on top of a semi-wooded hill. The weather was fine when we arrived at this small K - 4 institution. Of the 39 registered students, only 20 were present. The rest were in the fields with their parents. The children and all 3 educators were playing outside, singing songs in a circle, waiting for us. Inside were three practically-empty rooms. The kindergarten had only a few, scraggly old playthings. No materials or supplies. After we had talked a bit and taken a few photos together, they started to open the packages we had brought. We should have been filming, to capture the "Oooh's" and "Wow!'s". Teachers and children alike were thrilled with what they saw. We made it clear to all that these things are to remain in the kindergarten, and that if they come, they'll be able to play and learn with them.

Our experience in Valea Botului was very similar and equally gratifying. When we looked around the kindergarten there, which we had visited a few months before, we noticed some pencil cases and coloring books. The last time we'd been there, they had nothing at all on the desks. So I asked one of the teachers where they had gotten the materials. She told me that they, the teachers, had purchased them themselves, (from their own very meager salaries) in order for the kids to have something to interest them in coming. Needless to say, they were thrilled with the materials we had brought.