Transitional Home

          Young people who have lived all or most of their lives in Romanian State institutions, without the benefit of parental love and guidance,  face an enormous challenge when their time comes to venture out into the world.  Housing and employment are the first major challenges, and there is much, much to learn!

            In the year 2000, FAVOR's founders opened a Tranistional Home in Bacau, for young people who needed to move out of the orphanages they grew up in.  Years of experience in orphanages had taught us that, in order to discover their potential, these kids needed someone to encourage, challenge, instruct, listen to and show faith in them.

            In the Tranistional Home, orphanage graduates receive personalized attention adjusted to their particular needs and capabilities.  Training in such areas as budgeting, nutrition management, civic responsibilities, workplace interactions, conflict resolution, confronting adversity and more, imparts to them skills necessary for successful independent living.

            Though we can never fully compensate for the lack of parental involvement in their lives, we try to offer "our kids" the feeling of being part of a family. A program participant once told us, "I never really knew what love was until I met you."  It is our hope and prayer that the loving attention shown to these young people will also encourage their faith, both in themselves and in a loving heavenly father who they can depend on when things get rough.

            Many of our beneficiaries have gone on to complete post-secondary education, a few also obtaining their master's deegrees.  Others, less intellectually gifted, have also become productive members of society, leading decent, organized lives and setting positive examples for other orphans.  One of our greatest joys is that many of these young people have determined, after having been helped along their paths, that they will also do what they can to help others.  (see Success Stories)

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