Humanitäre Hilfe

Aufgrund der Großzügigkeit und dem persönlichen Engagement unserer lieben Freunde in Deutschland und Österreich, bekommt FAVOR regelmäßig Hilfstransporte mit allen möglichen hilfreichen und und notwendigen Gütern. Nahrungsmittel und Kleidung, Computer und Lehrmaterial , Spielzeuge, Fahrräder, Kinderwägen, Rollstühle und Gehhilfen, Möbel, Matratzen und Bettzeug werden von unseren Freiwilligen sorgfältig verteilt.


            Thousands of children in Judetul Bacau live in abject poverty, lacking even the most basic of comforts.  Often crowded into tiny mud houses, in remote rural communities, without running water or much hope for the future, these children have fallen through the gaps of Romania's post-communist re-organization.

            FAVOR volunteers have visited hundreds of these most-at-risk households.  With the help of local child protection and social assistance officials, we identify the neediest situations.  Aid packages are carefully put together based on detailed information, so that we can meet the specific needs of each family.  These aid packages typically include food, clothing, bedding, school supplies, hygene articles, toys and baby equipment.  Counselling, prayer and follow-up also play important roles in this family visitation.  Along with the material aid, FAVOR volunteers try to offer hope and encouragement to those who have so little.

            Another effective means of distributing aid to the needy is found in FAVOR's Free Stores.  Needy families are invited to a certain public location, often a school, or cultural hall, where goods are arranged on tables for them to choose from.  In this way, each family is able to select what is best suited for them personally.  To date, thousands of  poor people in many towns and villages have been "happy customers" of FAVOR's numerous Free Stores.